Insight, Awakening, Empowerment

and Self Healing


  • Heightened intuition and perception of and connection to your wisdom Self.
  • Healing of unresolved symptoms, emotional wounds and relationship issues.
  • New found freedom from unwanted emotions, fears, behaviors, and beliefs that limit you.
  • Deeper understanding of the origins of current problems and symptoms and the interwoven connections between your past and present.
  • Healing of past life experiences and the releasing of ancient wounds, outmoded belief systems & traumatic experiences.
  • Greater clarity, focus and peace.
  • Ability to facilitate your own healing process with love and trust, and navigate through life's transitions with ease.


In 1991, I witnessed for the first time in someone other than myself the extraordinary grip past life memory has upon our physical body. Lynn began experiencing an irregular heart beat in 1990 while studying massage.

This irregular beat frightened her and one day it became so wild that she was rushed to the hospital with her heart racing out of control. After a barrage of tests, the doctors discovered that she had a congenital heart defect.

As a massage student, Lynn began to investigate her symptoms but always fell short of understanding why her heart plagued her so. Now years later, Lynn would discover the cause of her heart's irregular and rapid beat.

As I lead Lynn's class in a visualization exercise into their hearts, Lynn swept beyond the heart of her 30's, 20's and childhood---moving across time to an ancient memory. Immediately she felt cold stone under her back and saw a canopy of rain forest overhead.

In that moment, she re-lived why her heart beat so irregularly. That night she began to release the cause of her heart's current symptoms. She understood how her body and emotions has been deeply affected by these past life memories, that were held by her heart, from another time and place.

Within a period of a few months, she was symptom free.

I realized that night, that others could and heal their chronic and puzzling physical problems by exploring the origins and past life connections to their symptoms, as I had. And that in doing this they could transform their body, mind and emotions and lay their symptoms to rest.