Somatic & Chakra Therapy, Past Life Integration & Healing,

Professional Psychic, Channel & Medical Intuitive

Specializing in: Healing your Past & Awakening Your Intuition 

Creator of the Transforming Embodiment ® Healing Practices for Self-Healing and Deep Core Change


Elizabeth Burke has worked in the field of healing for over twenty-five years, and holds a Master's degree in Contemplative and Somatic Counseling from Lesley College in Cambridge MA.

What makes her work so different is that she is a clear compassionate intuitive channel, professional psychic and medical intuitive. Her work is rich and deep, and comes from both intellectual knowledge, experiential knowing and intuitive insights. 

In the 1980's, Elizabeth survived a harrowing and life-altering  three-year long kundalini awakening, and shamanic initiation that nearly killed her.  This experience would change her forever. Her nervous system was literally rewired and deeply changed leaving her empathic and psi skills heightened  to new levels as the new vast energy of Source coursed through her being.

 She emerged from this profound experience with a deep understanding of energy, embodiment and spirit and since then she has been able to see the patterns, and interconnections within people's lives with great clarity.

This awakening gave her a direct understanding of transpersonal experiences, a deeply personal grasp of how the mind can heal the body and visa versa. She is adept at seeing and unraveling embodied and emotional traumas and past life mysteries from your mind, body and spirit.

Her work encompasses: transformational healing, chakra, past life and mind-body integrative healing, belief system analysis and practices from Buddhist, Taoist and Hawai'ian traditions.

She deftly interfaces these with a full range of psychic skills and channeled insights including medical intuitive work, past life channeled readings and intuitive development. She has taught a deep year-long chakra, intuition, and meditation training and Hawai'ian shamanic practices and has read for 1000's of people from all over the world since 1986.

In 1991, she created the practices of Transforming Embodiment ®, which she has been using to help clients resolve emotional, mental and physical issues ever since.

She has taught these practices to professionals and lay people alike for over 17 years. She has a wide variety of classes and lectures that she gives.

Elizabeth has also studied with Buddhist monks, Taoist priests, and shamans from Hawai'i and has practiced meditation for over twenty years. In 1986 she was certified as body worker and movement therapist at the Institute of Educational Therapy in Berkeley CA. She was also a classically trained operatic singer from the age of 17.

She has published articles in Exceptional Human Experience Journal, a referred journal edited by the late Rhea White. Her articles include: Healing Congenital Heart Defect Symptoms Using Transforming Embodiment © and Sitting In The Fire: Connected Knowing, Universal Mind and Becoming a Vessel for Time & Space ©.

Her books include: Memory in Our Bones: Exploring the Mysteries of Mind, Body and Spirit © published in June 2008 and The Practices of Transforming Embodiment: A Workbook © due out in the 2012.

Memory In Our Bones © have been endorsed Larry Dossey MD, Alexandra Kennedy MFCC, Leza Lowitz and Stanley Krippner PhD.

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