Memory In Our Bones

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2009 IPPY Awards

2011 Review and Award 

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2009 IPPY Bronze Medal Winner in
Mind Body and Spirit

 H. Elizabeth Burke MA


Memory In Our Bones is a bold, inspiring exploration of the nature of consciousness that goes far beyond our ordinary assumptions. Burke shows that consciousness is not limited or confined to our brains, or to the here and now, but is unlimited. We cannot be truly healthy unless this realization becomes real for each of us.

Larry Dossey, MD.
Author: Healing Beyond the Body,
Healing Words, and Reinventing Medicine


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Memory flows throughout your body, and is secreted away in your cells, organs and DNA, waiting patiently until you are ready to hear the stories of your timeless being. Your memories, ancient and present, affect you unknowingly everyday.

They color your reactions and hinder your growth. When similarly charged situations in the present ignite these memories into awareness, your mind and body are held hostage until these emotions and memories are resolved. What do you do? How can you release these emotional memories and transform your conflicts, trauma and pain into lasting peace?

Memory in Our Bones answers these questions and many more, as it explores how your mind, memories and experiences, are interwoven, embodied and timeless. It introduces the author's spiritual practice, Transforming Embodiment ® and gives you the tools for embarking on an inward journey of self-discovery, healing and deep transformation. It shares Elizabeth's harrowing journey that led to the creation of these profoundly simple direct practices.    

With clarity and compassion you are shown how to safely explore your inner world, so you can dissolve your fears, refine outdated beliefs, and change old reactions and symptoms at their roots. This book shows you how your fears, painful emotions, relationship conflicts and even physical symptoms are gifts in disguise, leading you to deeper healing than ever before. This transformation is the energetic key to emotional freedom and the release of your past.

Memory in Our Bones clearly illustrates how memories and emotions can cross the barriers of time and death to re-emerge within consciousness. And shows you how you can use your body's memories and imagery to discover the ancient histories held within you. Step by step it details how you can use your powerful emotions, beliefs, and experiences from this life and your distant past to heal your life more deeply than ever before to find inner and outer peace.
deeper understanding of the capacities of mind, body and spirit and the healing that manifests as a result of engaging all three and their complex interconnections is revealed.

The spiritual and scientific aspects of how memory is systemic or embodied, how consciousness survives death and how this affects you, at all levels of your being is thoughtfully explained. Memory In Our Bones broadens your view and expands your vision of consciousness as it captures the complexity of being spirit lovingly held within a body. 

The rich traditions of Buddhist and Taoist thought, and Hawai'ian shamanism are woven together giving the reader a deep foundation for exploring concepts about self, consciousness, and the mind-body connection. Gentle visualizations, meditations, and healing techniques are presented, and new understandings about the nature of energy and how to practice energetic healing are explored. 

Memory in Our Bones builds on the progressive works of  Drs. Larry Dossey, Paul Pearsall, and Jeanne Achterberg and offers a time-tested tapestry of cutting edge research, user friendly meditations, gripping case studies and personal experiences from the authors 24 years of work in the field of mind-body healing. This book is well researched, intelligent, warm, accessible, and direct.

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H. Elizabeth Burke MA

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