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Transforming Pain Into Peace  


Elizabeth specializes in finding the stories held with in you, so you can find relief and peace. She can help you regain your trust in your body and yourself again.

If you are experiencing relationship conflicts unsettling emotions or physical symptoms that scare and confuse you ....

Elizabeth Burke can help you, move beyond the fear, pain, sadness and confusion you are feeling, so you can regain control of your life  and be  empowered and alive like never before.

Elizabeth Burke MA is a professional psychic, medical intuitive, the creator of  Transforming Embodiment ® or TE ®, a innovative teacher  and award-winning author.

Elizabeth has helped 1000's of clients & students find answers, understanding, peace of mind, confidence & deep healing, for nearly  three decades.

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Find relief, peace, happiness, understanding
direction, self-healing and confidence.

Healing the Heart of your Being from Buddhist, Hsien Taoist and Hawai'ian Traditions

Aloha, Elizabeth 

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Insight Empowerment and Healing


An Integrative Approach 

Somatic & Past Life Therapy, blended with

Psychic & Medical Intuitive Insights 

from Buddhist, Hawai'ian  & Taoist Traditions

Why Choose Elizabeth? 

What makes Elizabeth unlike most counselors and healers is that she is also  psychic. She survived a harrowing three-year long kundalini awakening in the mid- 1980's. During that time, her body fell ill again and again, as illness ran rampant through her body, until she was unable to walk or eat.

Her nervous system was forever changed, as ancient imprints were burned away and the energy of Source poured into her being. Her empathic and psychic skills  increased dramatically as this vast energy coursed through her body.

She emerged from this profound experience with a deep understanding of energy, embodiment and spirit. Since then she has been able to see the patterns, and interconnections within people's lives with great clarity.

This extra-ordinary awakening also gave her a direct understanding of how the past affects our present, an intrinsic knowledge of the nature of pain and grief and a deeply personal grasp of how the mind and spirit can heal the body.

Elizabeth is adept at unraveling the stories, like a detective, held within the energy body from the past and present. Her clients find peace, confidence, and renewal as they release the painful history from within their bodies and minds.


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H. Elizabeth Burke MA

Center for Transforming Embodiment

 Nurturing the Flame of Spirit


Attending the Mystery ~ Attending the Soul

Awakening Intuition & Embodiment


My wish is to help you...

Discover and transform the memories, emotions and outdated beliefs that have blocked you and kept you from moving forward in your life.

See the interconnections in your life, with new clarity, so you can release your past more completely than ever before.

Awaken your inner knowing, so you can directly access your intuition with confidence and ease.

Empower and connect you to your inner wisdom and body

Heal your mind body and spirit.

Find peace and answers for yourself

Be confident and discerning as you explore your inner being.

Memory in Our Bones © ~ Elizabeth Burke's Award-Winning Book  endorsed by

Larry Dossey MD 


"Memory In Our Bones book is riveting. I highly recommend it to any bodyworker, healer, or human being who wishes to open up to greater joy and vitality in an embodied, transcendent way. "

Leza Lowitz,  author: Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By. Owner Sun & Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo, Japan