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 Past Life Therapy, Mind- Body and  Chakra Healing

Healing the Heart of Your Being

from Buddhist, Taoist and Hawai'ian Traditions


Working with Elizabeth has changed me more deeply than any previous process I have ever done. Marylee, Editor, Grant Writer

Elizabeth's work is remarkable. I have come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my past & have new ways to proceed. Betsy, Art Therapist

Elizabeth challenges me to question my perceptions and self   in a way that has moved me  to a deeper level of healing, realism and connection as a result.  Kathy, Montessori & Special Ed. Teacher

Our chakras, energy systems and body are conscious and deeply alive. If we wish to, we can access the entire history of our being through the body and chakras. By gaining access to this body of knowledge we can answer our most perplexing questions. Channeled 1998

Past life, pre-natal and childhood memories and emotions can give rise to conflicts, symptoms and relationship difficulties that affect you everyday. By becoming aware of the history held within your body, peace of mind and emotional freedom can be found, as you release your past once and for all.  

Transforming Embodiment has helped my clients resolve fears, traumas, disempowering life patterns, past life memories, and the causes of emotional pain, physical symptoms, relationship issues, for two decades.

  • Explore the pre-natal, genetic and past life memories, belief systems, emotions, and that have shaped your world.
  • Discover and find the true meaning of embodied memories held deeply within your consciousness and body from both present and past lifetimes without hypnosis.
  • Untangle, transform & release these energetic patterns, emotions, and beliefs that fuel current life challenges and difficulties at their origin.
  • Create new beliefs that reflect your life in this moment, unaffected by your past.
  • Understand and see the interconnections between your past and present with new clarity.

This work gives you the opportunity to:

  • Stabilize your mind, energy and emotions during times of spiritual growth and life transition.
  • Develop a connection to your inner knowing, body wisdom and higher consciousness.
  • Heal old fears, emotions, relationship wounds, and childhood issues.
  • Resolve the mysteries of recurring emotional patterns and symptoms.
  • Find clarity, mental peace, and see the interconnections in your life, in a new light.
  • Build self-esteem and reintegrate lost aspects of yourself.
  • Reclaim your power and live more fully in the present.


This simple direct mind-body and past life integrative process has helped 1000's of women and men transform the stories, emotions and beliefs that drive and sustain their fears, physical symptoms, and relationship conflicts since 1991. 

If you want to find peace, meaning and emotional freedom, this work is your natural next step. 

Discover how to use your intuition with discernment to find answers, lasting healing and peace.  


I have been working with Elizabeth Burke for approximately two years while going through a deep process of exploring and healing my my mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth works as a psychic, medical intuitive, and past life reader. Her approach to problems is incredibly mindful as she is able to put together pieces which may not be clear to the individual.

She is able to see the whole, and as a result heal deep wounds. Clients come to her for a variety of reasons including spiritual emergencies, loss of loved ones, imbalanced chakras, or general questions about the past, present and future. She is able to respond with ease, and I can tell you from personal experience she is rarely, if ever, wrong. She has an incredible gift to see the unknown, understand the complicated, and make sense of life events.

What might seem like a spiritual catastrophe has hidden meaning and deep learning value. She has personally changed my entire life through her integrative approach to healing. Together we have explored each of my chakras, which was one of the most intense growth periods of my life. This process, sometimes blissful and sometimes painful, helped to heal the deepest parts of my Self and unearthed my real essence.

With her help, my perspective on personal relationships has shifted and many of my long held and out of date belief systems have fallen away. I am living with a higher purpose and higher vibrational field. My life will never be the same and I feel blessed.  Chelsea Ann Wiley

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