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about Elizabeth Burke MA's Work

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About Elizabeth's Medical Intuitive Readings

I'm glad I went with my own "gut feeling" and sought you out. I'm grateful to you for all your skills and insights. Here’s a reference for chronic Lyme disease. It appears to medically describe some of the things you "saw" going on with me during our consultation. Very intriguing! — KGD

You have helped me understand how imaginations of meaning and desire must be acted into in order to break the back log of energy, generate fresh movement, and also make for new karma. The old patterns are breaking up and I will continue on the heart path pursuing my soul’s inner dreams and not those dreams which are thrust upon me by well meaning but off track others. Thanks for being there for me....the Spirit now leads me and guides as I follow the  path of that which enlivens and excites my imagination. —Steve  WA.

Thank you very much for seeing me - it proved very valuable. I went back to explore the mis-conception that God was a punishing/angry sort and was able to resolve this issue.  The result of this was a great relief and sense of great spiritual alignment - thanks for helping pinpoint where the trouble lay.  MC. MD


About Elizabeth's Past Life and Relationship Readings

The work that Elizabeth does blew my mind. Words hardly do justice to the experience that was so powerful and life changing for me. Even though I have had many past life readings, I have not had the feeling of such cohesiveness and peace as I did after two sessions with Elizabeth. The emotionally problematic situation for which I sought out her services has been transformed into a healing event for me. Her readings have allowed me to see the situation more holistically and from an entirely different perspective. I am very grateful. — Laurie Mazzarella  Life Coach & Realtor

Your  reading about my relationship was very life-altering. It's as if I've been standing on one side of a lake for the last six years, and now I've been picked up, taken to the other side of the lake, and set down. I'm looking at the same things, but the perspective is completely different. Things that I wasn't willing to acknowledge are now staring me in the face, and things that I convinced myself were okay are suddenly really really not okay, and I need to take action. My life looks completely different now. Your readings confirmed all the subtle senses of things that I'd had all along. It's all very validating, and I continue to find more and more connections. I am so grateful. Thank you for the wake up call! Now I can move forward in my life.— K.C., Bodyworker

Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing to light an issue that had plagued me since childhood.  In just one session, I began to feel much more alive and much less fearful.  Words can't explain the relief, clarity, freedom and sense of self that I walked away with. What an in-depth and profound experience with one who has remarkable abilities. With Gratitude, Michele 


About Elizabeth's Workshops, Trainings and Readings

Elizabeth Burke is unlike any other psychic I have been to. Her work is a unique blend of psychic, spiritual and psychological practices. She also draws on experiential truths, which often defy mainstream psychic conventions, but actually resonated more deeply with my own felt sense of the world. I have found her work powerful, helpful and full of ah ha’s. — Cecily M. Bodyworker & Health Educator

Even though I had done meditation and intuition practices for years on my own before I met you, I always credit you with being my first meditation teacher. I am still using a lot of what you taught our group. What you taught me is always part of what arises in my consciousness, woven in with all the rest. You are one of the very few people I know who walks both paths, (intuitive and Buddhist) who has found her way to be with both. Thank you in the biggest way for your good humored compassion, and incisive insights over the years, and for all the times you've bailed me out of emotional and spiritual crisis. — Kym K. Massage Therapist 

Elizabeth has an uncanny ability to ask me just the right questions that guide me to lost aspects of myself. The practices she shares have allowed me to discover important links between events from my past and past lives that impact my present. With Elizabeth's help I've recognized and stopped repeating long-standing destructive behaviors that have held me back and I now have tools I can use everyday, as well as a deeper understanding of myself. — Marylee McE.  Editor  

I feel lighter and brighter then I did yesterday when I poured my heart out to you on the phone. Once again thank you for being there. My turmoil lessens after I talk with you and I re-discover my non-reactive mind. Thank you for your insights. — Stacey S.  Glassblower and Artist

Working with Elizabeth has helped me to access vital information from within, about my body, my health, and my needs at all levels. Elizabeth's work is remarkable.I have come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my past and new ways to proceed. Betsy Art Therapist

My senses came alive as I sang, touched & visualized, the energy of my chakras and body. This work has opened my mind and body and taught me new ways to heal. Elizabeth challenges me to question myself in a way that has moved me to a deeper level of healing, realism and connection as a result. Kathy  Teacher

Since my childhood I've discerned that life's mysteries contain magic. In Elizabeth's classes the mysteries surrounding my life were clarified as my deeper self became real and known to me. the magic was made real - a manifestation of our day to day experience here on earth.  Bonne LMT  


About Elizabeth's Innovative Practice, Personal Chakra Work and Readings

I have been working with Elizabeth Burke for approximately two years while going through a deep process of exploring and healing my my mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth works as a psychic, medical intuitive, and past life reader. Her approach to problems is incredibly mindful as she is able to put together pieces which may not be clear to the individual.

She is able to see the whole, and as a result heal deep wounds. Clients come to her for a variety of reasons including spiritual emergencies, loss of loved ones, imbalanced chakras, or general questions about the past, present and future. She is able to respond with ease, and I can tell you from personal experience she is rarely, if ever, wrong. She has an incredible gift to see the unknown, understand the complicated, and make sense of life events.

What might seem like a spiritual catastrophe has hidden meaning and deep learning value. She has personally changed my entire life through her integrative approach to healing. Together we have explored each of my chakras, which was one of the most intense growth periods of my life. This process, sometimes blissful and sometimes painful, helped to heal the deepest parts of my Self and unearthed my real essence.

With her help, my perspective on personal relationships has shifted and many of my long held and out of date belief systems have fallen away. I am living with a higher purpose and higher vibrational field. My life will never be the same and I feel blessed. Chelsea Wiley

Elizabeth addresses my whole person, my body, mind and spirit and her work is unlike anything that I have experienced. It is like one stop shopping, because she is trained in psychology, spirituality, body work and is a channel. She's able to see the interconnected patterns that weave through my life on so many levels. She's also taught me new ways to use my body's knowledge to heal myself which has been invaluable. So now instead of going to see three professionals I just need to go to one, Elizabeth. Leslie Corbin CEO Recruiter's Network,WA

With Elizabeth’s help I’ve recognized and stopped repeating long-standing destructive behaviors that have held me back. I’ve discovered the links between events from my past and past lives that impact my present, and have tools I can use everyday, as well as a deeper understanding of myself. M M Non-Profit Fundraiser


About Elizabeth's Psychic Channeled and Intuitive Readings

Our session sparked many things inside of me and instigated a new phase of healing that will help me deal with my unresolved issues. Thank you for your knowledge, human kindness, and intuition. It is rare to find a person with as many positive and healing qualities as you possess. — R. S. Texas

How did you know that what you gave me last October was exactly what I needed? Your insights ignited such a deep process and healing that I will always be grateful to you. You took what was unbearable and gave me the tools to find my way through my father's passing. Resolving my old wounds has been such a gift. Thank you again for the reading and the special gifts you shared with me. — C. B.  CA

About 2 months ago I was going back over an old journal. I opened it up to a page and out jumped a small college that you had told me is now called Bauman College and its near San Francisco, CA. Well, a few weeks ago I flew out there to check it out and loved it. I'm very excited!  — Sienna Agan, Chef

Thank you for everything. I feel so much better - a new day. You gift took me out of pain and to myself again. Words are not enough.  Pam, SF Bay Area

I've come to realize that I am quite content with who I am.  I feel a sense of clarity that I've never had before always trying to please others.  As the good daughter/soldier, model, and artist it was essential that I please for my survival.  And all that I did was not truly me. Elizabeth, I'm so lucky to have met you.  Just being in your presence gave me so much.  Just knowing that you are there, being who you are and doing truly makes a difference in the world.  M. G.

 The session was very enlightening and very impressive. I  got the answers that I was looking for to ease my mind and know exactly what my next step will be.  Thank you very much for such a great time and information and I'll definitely keep in touch. Chaya, From CA.

My session with Elizabeth really unearthed some things I needed to look at!  I actually went into a very deep depression for a few days. I realized that I was in my own way in terms of "coming out of my shell' and I needed to look at that.   It is so good to get a reality check, otherwise we can spend years making excuses!!!  It really has freed something up in me. Thanks for your gracious power.... hugs  JB from  CA

 It's obvious that you are in touch with your Higher Self because the advicea nd insights were practical, and down to earth enlightened by the unconditional love and respect through which High Self sees.    Stephanie from CO

Having never been to a psychic, I imagined that Elizabeth would look right nto my soul, and I felt fear at what she might find. Instead, I found kindness and depth. My fears fell away... replaced by wonder, and the deepest sense of trust and understanding imaginable, as Elizabeth ‘read’ my
soul.    Grace
from OR


About Memory In Our Bones

Elizabeth, your book is such a journey for me.  I'm definitely learning and am always in awe of the extent of your knowledge and the information packed into your book.  Joena, from OR