Awakening the World Within ~ Awakened Embodiment

A Chakra, Intuition & Meditation Training

Activating the Energy of Awareness
Nurturing the Flame of Spirit

These classes have opened my mind and body, and taught me new ways to heal more deeply than ever before.  Kathy from Santa Fe
In Elizabeth's classes the mysteries surrounding my life were clarified as my deeper Self became real and known to me. Bonne  from Santa Fe

By opening channels, deep insight from within emerges, giving you the ability to explore & transform your inner beliefs, deep emotions, ancient histories and world. Empowerment & healing are the one moves in beauty and lives from a place of deep truth. Channeled 1994


Fire in the Lotus---Awakening the World Within  provides an in-depth and sequential process for awakening your chakras, energy centers, and your "body of experience." 

You will learn how to: 

  • Read the energies of your body and chakras, cells and organs 
  • Access and unearth the memories and deep emotions held within you 
  • Transform and release these imprinted memories and emotions from your body and energy body directly
  • Identify outdated beliefs from your past and past lives 
  • Create new beliefs that reflect your present

This experiential training uses meditation, movement, visualization, shamanic journeying, sound, art, and hands on techniques, so you can ignite your own healing to deeper levels than ever before.

Part 1: E ala (Awakening) introduces you to your inner world, of energy, imagery and memory. 

  • Connect you to your higher consciousness, your body and inner wisdom in a grounded way. 
  • Awaken each chakra gently and effectively. 
  • Learn to read the energy within your chakras by working in dyads 
  • Discover the held emotions and patterns within each chakra  
  • Learn how to interpret the imagery and discern the messages of your Higher Self  
By balancing the intuition and the intellect, the energy body is awakened and the mind naturally expands. New insights & understanding are gained as you journey within.
Benefits of E ala:
  • Understanding where, how and why patterns, deep emotions, memories, and traumatic experiences are held in the body, chakras, and consciousness.
  • Expanded perception of your Self and your world as you see the world as energy and interconnected.
  • Stay connected, centered and protected even during chaotic times of deep growth and change
This vital information can take you to new levels of healing and understanding as the links between your past and present are connected.

Wisdom teachings from Buddhist, Taoist and Hawai'ian shamanic traditions and western psychic traditions will also be offered, giving you a wider view of your personal reality.


Part 2: Ho'okino (Embodying) journeys into the body to explore the cellular, systemic and embodied memories that you carry so you may release them one and for all.

 Ho'okino builds and expands upon the discoveries and understanding that began in E ala. We work directly with each of the organs and systems within your body starting at the heart. 

You will learn how to:  

  • Discover the links between  your past lives, ancestral and pre-natal memories as you  explore your "body of experience." 
  • See how your ancient memories hinder you and how they fuel current life behaviors and conflicts. 
  • Understand why habitual behaviors and emotions persist and learn how to unearth these memories and emotions from your cells and organs and change the story of your past.
  • Release outdated present day patterns that no longer serve you.
Techniques to transform and release the unwanted imprints and patterns from your cells, organs, and consciousness will be taught and practiced.

Benefits of Ho'okino:
  • Deep emotional freedom 
  • Release of chronic pain associated with traumatic memories
  • Freedom and relaxation as your body becomes more grounded and centered 
  • Mental clarity and deep understanding
  • Release of unwanted emotions and reactions 
By examining how memories are held in your body you can experience a deep sense of connected-knowing and peace. Understanding blossoms and as your sense of presence expands.


Part 3 Malamalama (Unifying) explores the unification of the body, mind and spirit using  sound. 

This last class returns to the chakras and energy system, and through the use of sound and vibration awakens the subtle body still further. New insights surface as you delve more deeply into the nature of your individual embodied experience. 

  • Understand your life purpose.  
  • Discover the three questions you have come into this lifetime to answer.
  • Explore more deeply the obstacles that block your growth at subtler levels.
  • Deepen your relationship to your own knowingness, the earth, and Spirit.
  • Become aware of your body's deepest teachings

The bodies deepest teachings are revealed as you explore the chakras and energy system  through sound instead of light.  The mysteries of embodiment become clearer as you fall into your subtle body once again 

Benefits of  Malamalama: 

  • Greater sense of purpose and inner knowing than ever before.
  • Deep release of hidden histories held within your mind and body.
  • Refined alignment with your spirit and life purpose.

Discover and cultivate great spaciousness and a deeper connection to a vast knowingness that goes beyond the experience of individual consciousness to a communion with the universal that can be awakened in us all. 

To register or to sponsor a training in your area contact 

Elizabeth Burke at 415 925-1509

I look forward to speaking with you in person, mahalo.

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